Explore West Coast Trail Aromatherapy sprays 2 oz

Explore West Coast Trail Aromatherapy sprays 2 oz


A rush of pine awakes you with juniper silently waiting in the background. Fir beckons for a nod and West Coast Trail is yours to conquer. Bring the outdoors with you wherever you go with our handcrafted Organic West Coast Trail Soap. The must have product in your collection. 'West Coast Trail' for day dreams and hope filled goals.

Our sprays are naturally alcohol free and you can use them in so many ways: spruce up your exercise mat, combat odours during cooking, spritz in the soles of your shoes, possibilities are endless. Comes in a eco-friendly re-useable 56g clear glass bottle with spritzer.  

Due to the natural ingredients in our sprays we cannot ship to any location that has temperatures below 0°C. If you have questions regarding shipping to your location please contact us.

Customer Reviews:
"That is one manly scent." B.A.
"Love the scent of the outdoors and this does the trick." M.V.
"I use mine to freshen up my car, what a great product." Z.M.

Ingredients: Water, coconut derived emulsifier, essential oils

Match this with our Organic West Coast Trail Soap.

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