Set of six Stress & Anxiety Relief Therapeutic Roll Ons

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Set of six Stress & Anxiety Relief Therapeutic Roll Ons

from 13.00

Exhale Therapeutic Roll On is sold in sets of six. Total minimum order is $400.00.

This listing is for six Exhale aromatherapy roll ons. (6 x $13 = $78.00). Based on availability your will receive clear or amber glass bottles.

You are calm.  You take deep breaths.  When you have looming deadlines or you're on your last nerve. Try our utterly soothing Exhale therapeutic roll on.  Our innovative created blend will have you smitten.

Ylang Ylang relaxes the body and soul, provides relief from anxiety and stress

Geranium is uplifting and purifying, helps fight depression and anxious thoughts

Litsea is cleansing for the soul, a perfect solution for seasonal blues, it's soothing and brings about relaxation

Rosewood drives away sadness and brings about a positive attitude, effective at calming nerves.

Try our Exhale when you are feeling stressed out and crave a calm moment.

Our Aromatherapy Roll Ons are alchohol free with unique extra strength custom blended scents based on our years of experience. We've created the ultimate oils for the gym, the office, or vacation. All of all our oils have been tested with great results. Each roll on comes in eco-friendly glass that can be washed out and re-used along with a recyclable box.

This formula is great for those feeling stressed out want a calm moment. We've expertly blended 18 essential oils to come up with a formula that is uplifting and calming. It's combination of citrus and florals. Apply our Exhale on under your nose, on the temples of your face (about 1 inch from your eyes towards the hairline), along the back of your neck. Also you can inhale deeply and put a bit below your nose. Re-apply throughout the day. This comes in a glass bottle with a roller ball top for ease of use along with a perforated seal on top. It's the perfect travel companion or keep it by your bed. (10 ml size)

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, our proprietary essential oil blend including Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Litsea & Rosewood (sustainable harvested)

Customer Review: "This is a life saver at work when I'm feeling stressed out." J.M.


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