Set of six Blossom Neroli Floral Waters

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Set of six Blossom Neroli Floral Waters

from 11.00

Neroli Face Hydrating Mist is sold in sets of six. Minimum total order is $400.00.

This listing is for six Neroli floral waters. (6 x $11 = $66.00)

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A citrusy, light, scent with green notes & hints of orange and honey. Nothing says spring like orange blossom time. These delicate white flowers scent the air. Orange blossoms are one of the most fragrant flowers.  Two Blooms has combined this delicate romantic essential oil to bring you our Neroli Face Hydrating Mist.

This pure, Neroli Blossom Hydrating Face mist is an excellent skin toner and make-up remover. It has gentle cleansing properties and uplifts, revives and moisturises dry skin. Apply after makeup to keep your face looking fabulous.  Our floral water is a pure, alcohol-free distillate, derived from water-soluble plant components during the distillation of Neroli Blossom.  Our mists are PETA approved/cruelty free & have no fillers added just 100% natural floral water.

Aromatic Scent: A hauntingly sweet floral scent that smells of orange blossoms.


  • As a toner after cleansing skin with our Organic Face Rehab soap.

  • Spritz some in your hand and add clay for the ultimate face mask.

  • Wonderful for dry, sensitive or mature skin.

  • Use it as a final hair rinse for dull tresses.

  • Neroli water helps revive tired eyes. Soak a few cotton pads and apply around your eyes for five minutes and you will look amazing afterwards.

  • Add some to your bath and breathe deeply to calm your mind and banish anxious thoughts.

  • Apply to your skin after getting out of the shower for instant relief from red, irritated skin. It is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties.

  • With its nourishing & astrigent properties, our Neroli floral water is perfect as a make-up remover.

  • Relieve & revive dry skin with our moisturizing and refreshing pure cleansing and balancing water.

  • Use as a linen spray

  • Scent your sheets before you drift off to sleep.

  • Spritz around the room forvibrant calming scent.

  • Mist over your face at night before bedtime for a relaxing sleep.

  • Use as body spray

  • Mist on your face during the day for a calming pick me up.

  • Use to awaken dull, sluggish skin

Ingredients: Citrus aurantium flower water

Comes in a 60ml glass bottle with spritzer. 

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