Set of six Allergies and Cold Therapeutic Roll Ons

Set of six Allergies and Cold Therapeutic Roll Ons


Rescue Aromatherapy Roll Ons are sold in sets of six.  Total minimum order is $300.00.

This listing is for six Rescue Aromatherapy roll ons. (6 x $13 = $78.00). Based on availability your roll on will come in a clear glass or amber bottle.  If you would like a tester added to your order please select that in the drop down menu.

You find relief.  You begin to breathe.  Relieve your drippy nose or allergies. With our skilled essential oil blend you will breathe easier with our Rescue Therapeutic Roll On.  Our potent Rescue blend is highly effective.

Our Therapeutic Roll Ons are alchohol free with unique extra strength custom blended scents based on our years of experience. We've created the ultimate oils for the gym, the office, or vacation. All of all our oils have been tested with great results. Each roll on comes in eco-friendly glass that can be washed out and re-used along with a recyclable box.

Apply our Rescue roll on under your nose, on the temples of your face (about 1 inch from your eyes towards the hairline), along the back of your neck. Also you can inhale deeply and put a bit below your nose. Re-apply throughout the day. This comes in a glass bottle with a roller ball top for ease of use. It's the perfect travel companion or keep it by your bed. (10 ml size)

  • Rosemary contains cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory properties and brings focus
  • Thyme known as a natural cough remedy, helps with exhaustion and aids memory and concentration
  • Peppermint helps unclog sinuses, a natural non-toxic energizer, effective for allergy relief by relaxes the muscles in your nasal passages.
  • Eucalyptus known as a decongestant, relieves colds, cough, it's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, our proprietary essential oil blend including Rosemary & Thyme

Customer Review:
"I tested your Rescue roll in Medicine Hat, AB when I was suffering with a constant runny nose. It really works, I just applied it under my nose a few times and my runny nose stopped." C.M.

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