The Two Blooms

Two sisters in 2002 designed and created Two Blooms apothecary, inspired by the pristine nature of Canada's West Coast.  Caron and Michelle with backgrounds in education, and traveling the world as international community development specialists, knew the empowerment that came from creating art and making it functional and practical.

So it wasn't enough that the soap was made with organic oils, lasted a long time and was nourishing for your skin, it had to be beautiful and functional. We've helped grow communities in Fiji, Panama, Russia, Guyana, Philippines, all over North America and knew that beauty arises when the senses are evoked and memories are created. We left the corporate world and headed for Vancouver Island and discovered we could have it all.

Years were spent researching and experimenting and finally we took the leap and started with a small line of products at farmers markets.  Our grandmother was an alchemist and her family descended from a family of perfumers in the part of Italy were Bergamot is grown, so its in our DNA!  Our family home was creative and we learned to sew, design our clothes, make preserves, bake bread, sketch and write stories – we were raised by a Renaissance mother and artistic father and learned that everything should have several uses.  Mother was ecological before it was cool to be!

All of our products fuse together our travels around the world, the quilt of cultures we met along the way and tied that into our current surroundings of caverns, oceans, wilderness, rustic beauty and never ending skylines and oceans. We describe our style as edgy, classic and modern all rolled into one.

From articulation to creation, we are dedicated to beauty in form and function. Our ever changing indulgent collection can include fresh harvested ocean sea salt, seaweed, BC glacial clay and wild crafted herbs from our very own micro farm (ok its our garden, but admit it, micro farm sounds so much better:)

Our product line is forever evolving, and we were stretched to convert a section of our home into a studio.  One area is for soaps and apothecary, another area our office and yet another area for photography and printing.  Several years ago I found some barn board and started painting custom made signs.  They sold so fast I had to source more wood.  Our 50 year old fence became antique wooden display boxes, echoing the West Coast. 

Living on the West Coast is always inspiring.   We are constantly creating new products as we are influenced by the color and texture of nature and want to share it with the world.

We start with raw, organic materials, sourcing as close to home as we can. Michelle will see a soap pattern and essential oil combinations, Caron will see a purse design or a sign that can be painted.  A walk to the post office will awaken us to the subtleties in the seasonal changes.  Our favorite down time is to steal away for a couple of hours and sit in different coffee shops around town.  We’ll people watch, listen to snippets of conversation and absorb it all through our senses.  It’s amazing what a 30 minute percolating coffee break (always with pen and paper nearby) can do in terms of new ideas/designs/products.

We’ve become friends with our customers who’ve ordered our products from all over the world and we love to hear their stories.  We have held our breath waiting for a package to finally arrive in Australia, as we were in constant contact with our customer until it arrived. Or waiting for Bridesmaids gifts to arrive in time for the wedding.   Our passion is to keep creating for our wonderful customers and giving back (we give a portion of all proceeds to local charities) and sharing our story.  We are all on this journey together and for that, we’re grateful.  Thanks for reading this, drop by and visit us on social media, we love company!

 Michelle and Caron  

Owners of Two Blooms Design Studio