Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday

Day 3 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

As I’ve travelled a fair bit in my lifetime it was only fitting that I talk about some of my adventures.

Living on Vancouver Island in the west coast I’d always heard about Oregon and really wanted to go there someday.  Believe it or not I had not seen the show 'Portlandia'.

My first visit was during a time when I worked at a very stressful job and my sister and I planned a 2 day getaway and went to Astoria. We were short on time but we did manage to make it to Cannon Beach and Seaside. Seaside was very busy and they had volleyball tournaments that day and a festival was happening so there was lots to see and do. It was lovely.  We loved the beauty and majesticness  (yup a made up word which I so love to do) of Cannon Beach.

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