Get Er Done

I didn’t think I could do it.

Come get your lazy butt up that hill and just get it over with already.  We know you’re tired and exhausted but cry me a river just get it done and stop whining about it. People have worse problems and here you are complaining about a half hour hill climb. Come on others are running up there or wheeling baby carriages. What? You didn’t know people cycled up there too? So get your grit on and go girl, you got this and you will feel so much better when you get done.

The task seemed ominous.

Well we all have to start somewhere don’t we. No one won a gold medal just sitting around wondering if they could do it. They just started at the beginning and got it done. You have to stop sitting around and wishing your life away and get into this groove of being fit because it’s not going to happen overnight.  Yeah sure it will take time but time passes whether you are trying or not so what are you waiting for you lazy loaf?

Mt Doug 1A

One step, two steps and so on.

Before I knew what happened I was still breathing and could still feel my limbs and arms moving. The thoughts of a warm bed or having a delicious coffee kept floating through my mind. I wanted to be anywhere else then right here. In that distraction though I was missing what was right in front of me a chance to do something different and to get out of my comfort zone. Being lazy comes easily for me and so does daydreaming. Where does anyone get through by just wishing for a dream to happen? That’s right they get nowhere. So I knew I had to keep going but I wasn’t really sure I could make it to the top.

The beauty of nature was all around me.

There were the people that kept walking, running or cycling by and I wondered what stories they had to tell and if they were of a life lived well. What where their hopes, dreams, fears or experiences? Why were they climbing this mountain? Was it to experience nature or escape stress or break up the monotony of the day?  The birds were chirping, the trees swaying in the wind, the rich flowers, succulents and wildlife. The smell of the ocean air and the woods was intoxicating and I tried to let it simmer in my memory.

My chest was pounding for oxygen.

So all that time sitting around on the couch eating crap has really caught up with me all of the sudden. I told you not working out would lead to this sedentary existence and now look at you. Do you really think you can do this?  I willed that inner voice away by continuing to walk one step at a time, walking backwards to lessen the agony and trying to take deep breaths. If I could just get my mind off of my “outofshapeness” I could keep going.  How much further I keep muttering to myself and to my companions?  This mountain in a lot of ways reminded me of life which is a series of twists and turns but much like this climb there are good moments and bad.  My legs were starting to ache again. I just want to rest, come on let me rest.

The bench marks became my salvation.

There are no constant mile markers on this mountain but there are elevation points which really don’t mean much when I have no idea how many miles I’ve trekked or when I’ll get to the top if I make it that far.  The people around me who were ahead of me kept me going along with the benches I’d see from time to time. After all how many benches could there be on this climb?  I started to focus on the journey and the benefits of being outdoors. So many people wish they could live where I do and for that I am grateful. I’m alive, I’m breathing and I’m doing something good for my body and most of all I’m out of the studio really enjoying the outdoors. More chatter about nonsensical things with my companions really helped. It was hard not to talk about business because I had so much creativity bubbling just by being out in nature. It’s amazing what the outdoors will do for a person when they allow themselves to get away from the same old same old and the everyday stressors that we all become so accustomed too.

It took every ounce of energy but I was half way there.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized I’d come so far. Looking back I could see the long path behind me and my heart rate was getting used to this pace (well maybe I’m kidding myself here). The birds sounded happier and the coffee thought faded every so slightly. At this point I knew I could finish this mountain. I started feeling alive. More ideas started flowing and I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and create.  Some more moaning and groaning ensued but I was feeling ready to tackle the climb and go further then I thought was possible.  Another bench appeared around a long windy corner and then the sunlight shone brightly and I could see the way towards the top. It was a steep climb but the temptation of the view and the light filled forest gave me hope.

Finally at the top and the view was spectacular but I had to climb higher.

We did it and I stood for a moment and hung over to catch my breath and then walked toward the view deck to overlook the city. It wasn’t over though as I saw there was a higher peek and it was only a little further. So I climbed stair after stair and hill after hill. I was desperate to get to the top because sure this view had to be better then the one down below. And there it was at last, I’d made it to the tippy top.  This view was a 360 degree view of the city and was so worth it.

Michelle,  one of the Blooms of Two Blooms Design Studio