I thought this running class was for couch potatoes

You may remember the first post I did about running here.  So we go to the first class and we figure it will be pretty laid back. I wear a sweat shirt, jogging pants and a black puffy coat. I don’t look amazing but I figure we will do some light exercising. We step inside and head to the counter to ask where to go.

Adele would love this.

It’s a month until Christmas and as a maker, life is chaos.  Between fulfilling wholesale orders,  selling at weekend craft markets (who signed us up for these markets anyways? Oh wait a minute, that could have been meJ) and replenishing stock I find myself working alone in the studio with only the radio for company.

Lip loveliness

There are few things that really irritate me.  Buying a lip balm and smoothing it on your lips only to feel grittiness - do you know what I mean?  There is no reason for that silliness (unless of course you are wanting an exfoliating lip massage.)  Off topic here but I am amazed at the people who want to buy a salt scrub for their face?  No, they don't want the gentle sugar scrub we make and sell, they want the hard grittiness.  But I digress.

Think outside the box

Iris Apfel is an inspiring, eccentric fashion legend and if you haven’t heard of her, find an online video – she’s inspiring.  Reading her quote this morning touched on something that I’ve been pondering.  Simply that for me, I no longer want to do what everyone else is doing.

Slow Down & Listen

Two days later and I’ve recovered from the horrors of running.  I keep replaying the night over and over again, the sheer terror I felt when the nice running teacher “D” said “now run”.  I didn’t take time to enjoy any of it, I couldn’t’ catch my breath after the first minute of running and the two minutes of walking didn’t help.  It was panic that started to get to me.